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Due to 'Betty's V-Dub's' ages they are registered as classic vehicles, and therefore exempt from the current seatbelt laws that were introduced in 1965.  This means any passengers travelling in our vehicles travel at their own risk.
We require any child under 18 years, for insurance purposes, to have received full parental/legal guardian consent prior to travel in 'Betty's V-Dubs'.  Children will also be required to be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst travelling in 'Betty's V-Dub's hired vehicles.
I / We* give full consent for my child / children* to travel unsecured within our vehicles supplied by 'Betty's V-Dub's'.  In the event of an accident, be it third party fault, or the fault of the chauffeur, we waiver our rights to pursue any claims that might arise from injury due to the unforeen happening against the company know AJ Antiques & Collectables Ltd.  *Please delete where applicable.

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Children under the age of 3 years old cannot travel in any 1972 VW Campervan vehicles

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Children 3 years - 18 years will simply not be allowed in our VW unless this form has been completed and returned well in advance of the wedding / special occasion.
Please complete this with a 'real' signature and return to the address at the bottom.